MCMTR 南港島綫已率先實行全新閘機系統

New Fare Gate System for the MCMTR South Island Line

發布日期:2022 年 7 月 24 日,由 Kinson

Published: 24 July 2022 by Kinson

MCMTR 南港島綫已率先實行全新閘機系統。從現在開始玩家乘搭本綫時需要付款(透過遊戲內的免費金錢)。收費如下:

  • 原站出入(任何車站):$3

  • 從 任何位於南區的車站* 前往 另一個位於南區的車站:$3

  • 從 任何位於南區的車站 前往 金鐘站:$6

  • 從 金鐘站 前往 任何位於南區的車站:$6



備註:已於金鐘站南港島綫月台增設臨時閘機分隔開南港島綫的部分 與 該站的其他部分。

The MCMTR South Island Line is the first MTR line to implement a new fare gate system. From now on players need to pay (using free in-game money) to ride this line. The fares are as follows:

  • Enter and exit at the same station (any station): $3

  • From any station located in the Southern District* to another station located in the Southern District: $3

  • From any station located in the Southern District to Admiralty Station: $6

  • From Admiralty Station to any station located in the Southern District: $6

*Stations that are in the Southern District: Ocean Park, Wong Chuk Hang, Lei Tung & South Horizons

Each South Island Line station includes next-generation ticketing and self-service station for passengers to buy their tickets. Instructions are clearly written there to teach them how to purchase a ticket.

Note: Temporary fare gates have been installed on the South Island Line platform at Admiralty Station to separate the South Island Line from the other parts of that station.