關於等級 Rank Description

VIP 是為透過在 Patreon 上支持我們的伺服器的成員而設的附加等級。VIP 成員能在伺服器上得到特別的獎賞!

VIP (Very Important Person) is an add-on rank given to members who support our server through Patreon. VIPs get special rewards on the server!

等級資訊 Rank Information

基本資訊 Basic information:

  • Minecraft 等級前稱 rank prefix: [VIP][普通等級 Normal rank]

  • 對應的 Discord 用戶組名稱 Corresponding Discord role name: "VIP"

獲得此等級的要求 Requirements for obtaining this rank:

  • 在我們的 Patreon 上加入「VIP」會籍等級
    Join the "VIP" Membership
    Level on our Patreon

獎賞 Rewards

Minecraft 伺服器中專屬 VIP 等級;讓你在使用 Essencard 時不會被扣除遊戲內的金額。這代表你不再需要擔心餘額不足了!

Exclusive VIP rank on the Minecraft server; allows you to use your Essencard (similar to the Octopus card in real life in Hong Kong) to travel on the MTR and purchase in-game items without deducting in-game balance. This means that you no longer need to worry about having insufficient balance!

Discord 伺服器中專屬 VIP 身分組

Exclusive VIP role on our Discord server


Thank you for supporting our server!