MCMTR 歡迎指南

MCMTR Welcome Guide


Information about our server and our community.

  • 伺服器 IP、連線資訊、伺服器線上地圖(Squaremap)
    Server IP, connection info, server online map (Squaremap)

  • MCMTR 及 SMP 伺服器簡介
    MCMTR & SMP server introduction

  • Minecraft 遊戲內金錢/經濟資訊
    Minecraft in-game money/economy info

  • 乘搭港鐵的資訊、車費
    MTR train ride info, fares

  • Discord 社群資訊
    Discord community info


All rules of the server. Please read them carefully.

  • 規則指引
    Rule guidelines

  • 違反規則的後果
    Consequences of breaking the rules


Information about the different ranks of our server.

  • 各等級簡介
    Introduction to each rank

  • 權限

  • Minecraft 遊戲內指令
    Minecraft in-game commands


You can find all rank application forms here, as well as check your application status.

  • 建築者申請表
    Builder application form

  • 申請成為管理員的流程
    Moderator application procedure


List of approved players and staff on the server, as well as the list of warned and banned members.


List of frequently asked questions about the server.


You can find the warning/ban appeal form here, as well as check your appeal status.

  • 申訴表格
    Appeal form

  • 申訴流程
    Appeal procedure